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Waterproofing and Protective Coating

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  1. elastomeric membrane

    Two part, pre-packed, brush applied, polymer modified cementitious water proof coating. Makes tough, durable, abrasion resistant, flexible waterproof layer. Excellent adhesion allows surface to breathe, cost effective system...
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  2. Food Grade Epoxy

    BRONCO CEMGUARD 41 is high build and fast drying food grade epoxy coating which provides long term protection to cement and concrete substrates.
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  3. Bronco Cemguard KRYL

    BRONCO® CEMGUARD KRYL is acrylic polymer based elastomeric, waterproofing protective coating system.
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  4. Cembond Latex Bonding Agent

    CEMBOND LATEX is a polymer specially designed to improve the quality of site-batched cementations mortar slurries. CEMBOND LATEX can be used for structural rehabilitation, waterproofing treatment, floor, screeds, & topping and for concrete repairs. Also used as a bonding agent for slip bricks, ceramic tiles etc...
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  5. Crystalline Waterproof Coating

    Single pack, brush applied, cementitious waterproof coating. Excellent waterproofing characteristics, excellent adhesion, non-toxic allows surface to breathe. Forms an impermeable coating by blocking the capillaries & pores i.e. waterproofing by crystallisation. Economical...
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  6. Integral Waterproofing Compound

    Two-in-one integral water proofing liquid admixture for concrete and mortar. Increases workability, reduces permeability throughout the depth of concrete, greater protection to rebars, strength is maintained, increases durability, improves plasticity, cohesion, easier placing, better compactions finishing. Chloride free...
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  7. Water Repellant

    Universal silicon base water repellent for providing a durable barrier to water penetration of porous surfaces. Reduces chemical attack minimises efflorescence’s colourless maintains natural colour of walls...
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  8. Waterproofing Chemicals

    BRONCO® CEMGUARD is a two component acrylic modified cementitious coating applied by brush, roller or trowel to waterproof and resurface concrete, masonry, and most other construction materials
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