Premix Mortars & Adhesives

  1. Block Adhesive

    BroncoTM Block Bond is a versatile thin jointing mortar ideal for laying AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete etc. Block Bond mortar is specially designed to provide stronger, much more durable bonding between the blocks with superior adhesive strength. It replaces conventional cement and sand mix mortar...
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  2. Ready Mix Plaster

    BroncoTM Master Plast is a ready mix cement plaster/render with high quality polymer additives. It can be used on inner and outer walls. It can also be used efficiently on bricks, blocks, stone walls as well as concrete surfaces. Master Plast can also be used as a tiling mortar bed to make tiling faster and efficient...
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  3. Tile Adhesive

    Single pack, excellent water proofing ceramic tile adhesive. Thixotropic suitable for damp & totally submerged areas as well.Coverage 6-8 m2 at 3-4 mm thickness per pack of 25 Kgs...
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  4. Micro Concrete

    Ready to use single pack, non-shrink, general purpose cementitious repair micro concrete. Can be pumped or poured into restricted locations. Attains rapid strength & impart expansion characteristics (0.8%) in the plastic stage while minimising water demand...
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